Unlock these new KnockOFF deals in Lucknow to save some extra bucks this Summer

Unlock these new KnockOFF deals in Lucknow to save some extra bucks this Summer

To unlock these special privileges, download the KnockOFF app now!

If there is one thing that the Summer season brings with itself, it is the vacation plans that usually leave with a hole in our pockets. And if you're also already spent on an elaborate holiday or saving for an upcoming trip, here's a little something that will give a breather to your wallet for sure. Extending its 'have more save more' legacy, KnockOFF is back with new exciting deals for the Lucknow folks. And it's now time to check out the amazing KnockOFF deals in Lucknow:

Flat 25% on Brotherhood

The holidays have officially begun, which means all your long-distance friends are back in town. Naturally, the next thing you want to do is chalk out those hangout plans, to catch up with your gang and that's how you end up at the town's new-age college adda at Brotherhood.

And just to make this reunion all the more gala, KnockOFF is offering a FLAT 25% off on the total bill here. Yes, a quarter of your spent will slashed here, upcapping the quote of your jolly-rave!

Flat 20% on Dine Out City

For those who are big on family dinners and gathering, there's an excluvise fine-dine deal that you can unlock at Dine Out City.

Seated in Aliganj, this restaurant is famed for serving the fusion-funk of authenticity and contemporary flavours in town and it can be all yours, at a hearty discount, with the KnockOFF app on your side! Grab an exclusive 20% off on your next visit here and leave this place with a full tummy, surprising full pockets and a happy muffin-top!

Flat 20% on Thin Crust 

If the summer heat is dissuading you from stepping outside and getting your hands on cheesy delight of topping-heavy pizza, here's the next offer! With KnockOFF, you can get a Flat 20% of Thin Crust by DOC, at the comfort of your home! That means, no wandering out the baking hot sun and still getting a baking-good pizza as your meal, making it an offer you can top at all!

Buffet deal at Zao on weekdays! 

A visit to Zao does sound ideal, if your fam has got a taste for all things Asian! And to get a bite of this oriental experience with a larger than life spread, with softest Bao and LIVE Sushi Counter, the Zoa buffet is the way to go about it!

To make the deal even better for you, KnockOFF is offering a special price of only ₹450 for the buffet plate on any weekday! So what are you waiting for, get those chopsticks out and get slurpin'.

Flat 20% on Fancave

Hidden from the bustles of the city, a true geek hideout, Fancave is a must visit spot for the fandom lovers this Summer! With a never-ending array of food and fancy grubs, this is the ideal place to get those Star War fan theories and Marvel vs DC debate rolling.

And hey! If your discussion about the Ross and Rachel debate does get heated (which it will), you have the chance to cool it all down with an exclusive 20% off on the total bill with KnockOFF.

Super saver deals at Foresto Paradise 

So what if you could not plan that trip to Milan this Summer, Foresto Paradise in Lucknow is bringing you the essence of drool-worthy Italian delicacies anyway.

Plus, the deal is a hundred per cent cheesier for you with KnockOFF! Here, you a choice in your deals; either unlock the a Flat 30% off on total bill or relish their star Aglio E Olio (or any pasta) and 2 mocktails @ just ₹350 to make you go all mama-mia!

Knock Knock 

Do you know that besides being absolutely exclusive, KnockOFF priveleges come without any hidden conditions inarguably better than any other offers running in Lucknow! So if you want to unlock a new world of savings and discounts, download the app now.

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