Facets of great learning by The Lucknow Public Collegiate, Jopling Road

Facets of great learning by The Lucknow Public Collegiate, Jopling Road

Did you know that The LPC follows a 'no tiffin and no big school bags' concept?

If you're from Lucknow, you're likely aware of the legacy carried by LPC. Established 38 years ago, The Lucknow Public Collegiate (LPC) Jopling Road is touted to be Uttar Pradesh's first day boarding school.

However, not many of you might know that post-pandemic, the school rolled out a full-fledged day school along with its popular day boarding! And the timings are such that it caters to any parent working a 9-5 job, thus, making it convenient for them to pick up children once their shift ends.

Along with a nurturing environment, the school practises an interesting 'no tiffin and no big school bags' concept. Sounds hassle-free, right?!

A beacon of educational excellence: The LPC

Akash Mehrotra

While on campus, students benefit from top-quality lessons by esteemed educators and enjoy nutritious, hygienic meals, sports coaching, and holistic development activities. Upon special request, some students may carry a few books and notebooks home, while others complete all homework during school hours, ensuring a stress-free learning environment.


When it comes to academia, LPC has a track record of embracing educational trends and innovations. Educators undergo professional development programs, ensuring they stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies. Under their guidance, many students have consistently achieved high scores, reflecting LPC's commitment to educational excellence.

While the primary school students are exposed to activity-based learning, the middle school explores a world of experiential learning. Through integration of technology in the form of smart classes, the students are able to expand their horizon of knowledge.

If you look into the sports and extra co-curricular domain, LPC not only proffers coaching for various games and sports by experts but also displays a kaleidoscope of activities around debates, elocutions, recitations, olympiads, skill development and so on. The LPC students have represented UP and UK teams at CISCE National Athletics, have shown excellent performance in Science, Math and English Olympiads and also have been selected for the Inspire Award, besides clinching the coveted title of 'International Debater' last year.

Moreover, The LPC continues to innovate. For instance, the school introduced the exciting wall-climbing activity last year. Also, their adept in-house team regularly uploads GK and English video content on their Youtube channel, in order to urge students to rise above the textbook-only knowledge!

For inquiries, contact Jopling Road campus: 4027575, 9839269597

Location: 3 Jopling Road, Lucknow

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