UP announces free treatment at state-run post-COVID centres in Lucknow, Kanpur & other districts

UP announces free treatment at state-run post-COVID centres in Lucknow, Kanpur & other districts

Last week, all 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh were instructed to set up & operate a post COVID care centre

In a bid to placate the woes of the pandemic stricken, the Uttar Pradesh administration has announced free treatment at state-run post-COVID centres, in each of the 75 districts here. The aid will be rendered for any complaint or illness among patients who have tested negative for coronavirus but still require medical attention. This will usher in an economic respite for several patients who have had to incur exorbitant COVID-19 treatment costs amid the second wave of infection.

Post COVID-19 care is all-inclusive & free of cost!

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The coronavirus infection is not the only evil plaguing people and fanning the pandemic fear. Many patients are contracting other diseases and complications due to weakened immunity and heavy antibiotic or steroid dosage, which are adding to their despair and of course, of their families. In this scenario, free post-COVID treatment will help the patients resolve these issues, be it related to their physical or mental health; the aid is all-inclusive & free of cost.

According to the government spokesman, the CM said, "Many patients across the state who have recovered from Covid still require periodic monitoring and medical assistance. Post-Covid care and treatment are as important as the malady itself. Upon careful assessment of their medical condition and based on the intensity of the care required, such patients must be assigned a bed with requisite oxygen availability in an L-1 hospital, providing the same medical care as is being rendered to Covid patients."

Last week, all 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh were instructed to set up and operate a post-COVID care centre. These hospitals will be equipped with essential equipment to treat any ailment or complaint among the patients. A convoy of doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists will also be deployed here to offer medical and psychological treatment and therapy for the overall well-being of the patient. People can seek this relief at post-COVID treatment facilities, located in every district.

Dip in the COVID-19 infection graph

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As per the statistics of the health department, the number of active COVID cases across UP have started to chart downward trends. Since the beginning of May, UP has clocked in higher recoveries than fresh cases, effectively reducing the burden of active cases on a daily basis here. Presently, the state is nursing around 1,77,643 cases.

This dip has been attributed to increased testing capacities in the state, including the rural areas. Uttar Pradesh is the first state in India to have conducted more than 4,44,27,447 tests. Increased testing has allowed faster treatment, at earlier stages, reducing the ferocity of the pandemic. The state now aims to increase the testing process in laboratories to yield faster and more accurate results.

- with inputs from IANS

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