UP Board Exams 2022 for classes 10th & 12th begin today in offline mode

UP Board Exams 2022 for classes 10th & 12th begin today in offline mode

Set to take place at more than 8000 centres across Uttar Pradesh, the UP Board exams will be conducted with all COVID protocols

After a gap of two long years, students of class 10th and 12th return to their school campus to write UP Board exams from today. As per the schedule released by the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shikha Parishad, the UP board examination will end on April 12. Set to take place in two shifts, these exams will be conducted with all COVID protocols.

UP Board exams to be conducted at more than 8000 centres

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The morning shift will begin from 8 AM it will end by 11:15 AM whereas the second shift will continue from 2 PM to 5:15 PM. As per officials, around 27,81,654 students had registered for the 10th standard board examination this year while another 24,11,035 students had applied for the UP Board 12th examinations 2022. Reportedly, the UP Board exams are being conducted at more than 8000 centres across the state, this year.

CCTV cameras & tight security for fair examination practises

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While class 10th exams are slated to end in 12 working days, the 12th board exams will continue till the next 15 working days. Notably, this is the first time in two years when students will write all of their papers in offline mode as the exams for 2020 could not be completed due to the onset of the pandemic. In view of the raging COVID crisis in 2021, the state government had to cancel both these examinations and promote all the students last year as well.

To avoid any chance of cheating in the examination, the authorities have installed CCTV cameras at all the centres to monitor any unusual movement of students. In addition to this, special security has also been deployed at the centres to make sure that the examination are conducted smoothly across the state.

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