D​airy farms in Lucknow, Kanpur & other UP districts to soon be moved from residential areas

D​airy farms in Lucknow, Kanpur & other UP districts to soon be moved from residential areas

All dairy farms in Uttar Pradesh will be encouraged to set up their own biogas plants

In agreement with the guidelines of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the UP state is working on a policy to move dairy farms outside urban and rural residential areas. According to sources, this new policy will further encourage all large scale units to set up their own biogas plants to produce bio-CNG from bovine waste (animal waste). Dairies can either set up personal biogas plants or install them in association with entrepreneurs. The natural gas produced thus will be sold to locals, added reports.

Utilising bovine waste to produce renewable fuel

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The NGT guidelines lay emphasis on environment-friendly disposal of bovine waste-dung and urine, with the shifting of dairies outside the residential periphery. A review was also held with the officials of the animal husbandry department and the pollution control board, with Chief Secretary D.S Mishra, in the same regard.

According to the preliminary discussions here, "Small dairy farms will be asked to set up mechanised units to manufacture dung wood, flower pots, vermicomposting, etc.," the official said. Premises with less than 15 bovine animals will not be categorised as "dairy." The bovine population in Uttar Pradesh has been put at around 5.20 crore and the new method will enable effective utilised.

"Disposal of bovine dung is the biggest challenge in dairy farms and gaushalas. However, bovine dung, if effectively utilised, can be a resource of manure and energy," the official pointed out. "Biogas has calorific value and other properties similar to CNG. Hence, it can be utilised as green renewable fuel as replacement of CNG in automotive, industrial and commercial," he added.

Policy-in-making for state dairies

The Chief Secretary has also stated that dairy farms will be directed to stop wastage of water. For this, local bodies/corporations/SPCBs (state pollution control boards) will ensure that untreated waste is not discharged outside the premises.

To conclude the review, the Chief Secretary asked authorities to present their project reports at the next meeting on March 18. The final policy will be formulated by the newly elected government later.

- with agency inputs

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