Up for a flavourful 'ROLL'ercoaster ride? Try these 11 rolls in Lucknow!

Up for a flavourful 'ROLL'ercoaster ride? Try these 11 rolls in Lucknow!

How many of these have you tried?

Rolls are certainly one of the best 'grab and go' options! When you are hungry but have no time, grab a roll. Not so hungry, looking for something light to munch on? Grab a roll! Super hungry but can't think of what to eat? The abundant varieties of rolls in Lucknow will always have your back!

And for times, when you're caught in the dilemma of where to order from, we've curated this list that is as handy as the tempting rolls! Check it out-

Mutton Kaleji Roll @KGN Restaurant, Tedhi Puliya

You'll come across the usual mutton and chicken rolls almost everywhere in Lucknow, but when it comes to a speedy serving, and consistency in quality only a handful of places can be relied upon. If you're on the go and in the mood for a juicy, meaty mutton kaleji roll, head on over to KGN Family Restaurant near the Tedhi Puliya intersection.

Price: ₹90

Mutton Boti Kebab Roll @Prem Non-Veg Point, Lalbagh, near Tulsi Complex

This roll packs a punch with its succulent and spicy gravy, tender mutton chunks, onions, and tangy chutney all snugly wrapped in a soft rumali roti. Don't pass on the chance to bite into this tantalizing delight, up for grabs at Prem Nonveg Point.

Price: ₹140

Galawat Kebab Roll @Tunday Kebabi, Aminabad

If you're planning to dine at Tunday Kababi in Aminabad, all we have to say is, "Janab, thoda zyada waqt nikaal ke aaiye," to savour the incredible flavours in the variety of dishes available here. But if you're in a rush, their galawati kabab roll can provide a similar burst of euphoria on the go!

Price: ₹90

Mutton Frankie @Ranjan Snack Foods, Mall Avenue

Enhanced with a medley of vegetables and generous chicken chunks, the frankie offered at Ranjan Snack Foods is indeed a culinary masterpiece. Although slightly expensive for a roll, it is worth a try!

Price: ₹180

Shami Kebab Roll @Awadh Biryani Corner (ABC), Hazratganj

Affordable, simple and satisfying are the words that best describe the mutton shami kebab roll at ABC near Dainik Jagran Chauraha. Now shami kebab is a bit different from galawat kebab as it is made with a mix of meat and pulses. The zesty and tangy chutney from Awadh Biryani Corner complements this roll flawlessly.

Price: ₹50

Chicken Shawarma Roll @Dal Me Kala, Hazratganj

Located in Hazratganj, near Tulsi Complex, this restaurant is a must-visit for chicken shawarma aficionados. Make sure not to pass up the chance to savor their delectable shawarma roll, served uniquely with a tantalizing selection of condiments.

Price: ₹90

Chicken Kathi+Egg Roll @Sahu Kathi Rolls, Munshi Puliya

The spicy chicken kathi kebab wrapped in a roll, enriched with egg fry, with a dash of lemon, and various condiments, available at Sahu Kathi Rolls, is sure to tantalize the taste buds of any non-vegetarian enthusiast. Apart from their signature roll, you can also explore their array of other non-veg roll options.

Price: ₹100

Chicken Frankie @Rovers, Hazratganj

Frankies, best enjoyed with tawa rotis rather than mughlai parathas or rumali rotis, offer a unique twist on traditional rolls. If you're up for a taste, we strongly suggest the chicken frankie at Rovers. Complement the hot roll with a refreshing shake or a cold drink to round off your meal.

Chicken frankie - ₹220; Chilli Chicken frankie - ₹240; Cheese Chicken frankie - ₹260

Chicken Malai Tikka Roll @Beera Mutton, Aashiyana

Imagine grabbing a quick, hearty bite loaded with the creamy goodness of chicken malai tikka. It's not just a fill-me-up, it's a burst of amazing flavours. Swing by Beera Mutton restaurant in Aashiyana and taste their heavenly chicken malai tikka roll!

Price: ₹110

Mutton Kebab Sheermal Roll @Alamgir Hotel, Aminabad

Any mughlai chicken or mutton recipe usually goes perfectly with sheermal bread. When in Aminabad, you can grab this delicious sheermaal kebab roll at Alamgir hotel to satisfy your hunger pangs amid shopping!

Price: ₹79

Mutton Seekh Kebab Roll @Dastarkhwan, Hazratganj

A beloved spot for foodies in town, this place offers an array of mouthwatering rolls. Their succulent and meaty mutton seekh kebab roll, when paired with a fizzy drink, makes for a nearly perfect and delicious evening snack.

Price: ₹140

By now you must already be hungry, right? So, go grab a juicy roll right away! If you know of a place in Lucknow that deserves a mention, do let us know in the comments below.

Watch this space for more such recommendations!

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