UP Health Department releases guidelines tackling Dengue in Lucknow

UP Health Department releases guidelines tackling Dengue in Lucknow

While 12 new cases were reported in 48 hours, at least 70 reports are still in limbo.

A slight hike in dengue cases was reported in Lucknow on Monday. As per the Monday morning reports, a total of 12 people tested positive for dengue in the last 48 hours, meanwhile, the results for at least 70 reports are still awaited. As per the experts, the hike in cases is a result of increased rainfall, leading to waterlogging and unhygienic environment across the city.

Adequate health infrastructure to ensure effective treatment

Hospitals in the city have been asked to stay on high alert and make appropriate arrangements for the treatment of Dengue patients. A statewide guideline has been issued to ensure adequate medical facilities in the hospitals. New medical equipment will also be installed at all government hospitals to ensure proper treatment, diagnosis of illness and prognosis of the disease.

Highlighting healthcare needs, the guidelines state, "self-medication in case of patients with high fever should be avoided, and proper medical advice should be taken at the nearest hospital or health centre."

Reportedly, separate wards will be made for admitting dengue patients at Community (CHC) and Primary Health Centres (PHC), along with other health institutes.

New blood donation facilities for better treatment

Every year during the monsoons, a steady hike in Dengue cases is reported in Uttar Pradesh, resulting in increased demand for SDP (Single Donor Platelet) and RDP (Random Donor Platelet). As per Mr. Abhishek Chaturvedi, Director at Antardhwani, a national-level blood donation NGO based in Lucknow, "during the time, when Dengue cases are on a rise in Lucknow, we receive on an average of 4 to 5 SDP requests every day."

SDP request is popular, as it ensures faster treatment and gives a better result by rapidly increasing the platelet count which is prominently affected among Dengue patients.

Mr. Abhishek Chaturvedi, Director of Antardhwani

Tackling increased demand for blood among dengue patients, a dedicated SDP facility will also be set up at all government-run medical facilities. Other than this, Apheresis units will be established at the divisional level hospitals across the state.

Since January this year, a total of 159 dengue cases have been reported in Lucknow, and now with over 70 reports pending, the number is expected to go up.

Mutual efforts to tackle dengue

Efficient tackling of Dengue cases will not only require authorities' efforts but also citizens'. While government officials, healthcare workers and other medical staff will continue their bid to ensure better treatment, it will be the citizens' responsibility to ensure cleanliness and a hygienic environment.

Safety from mosquito bite or dengue is in our hands and the way is to remove stagnated water where mosquito breeding takes place.

Dr Abhishek Shukla, secretary general, Association of International Doctors

In order to restrict mosquito breeding in homes and commercial spaces, the state medical dept also released a guideline for the citizens to follow. As per the guidelines, flowerpots, unused items such as old tyres, utensils or any such thing that holds water should be kept clean, water should not have stayed at any place for a very long time.

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