Hourly extension of night curfew in UP paves way for late-night bus services

Hourly extension of night curfew in UP paves way for late-night bus services

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The Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation has decided to make the most out of the relaxed night curfew hours in the state and relaunch its late-night bus services. As per reports, the curfew restriction has been eased by an hour here, now starting 11 PM onwards, instead of the earlier 10 PM. This has paved the way for UPSRTC to schedule and operate special night-time buses, across the state.

Check night-time bus schedule from Lucknow:

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In wake of the 8-hour COVID curfew in Uttar Pradesh, the UPSRTC had suspended its special late-night buses in the state. While day-time bus services were operating as per schedule, those which exclusively were tabled on a night-time run were out of order. Consequently, a relaxed curfew limit amid the pandemic hour has cleared the schedule for the relaunch of these services, once again, said Regional Manager Pallav Bose in an official statement.

Now, travellers can hop on to late-night buses as per this schedule:

  • Lucknow-Delhi bus service to operated from Alambagh Bus Depot at 10 PM, on Monday, February 14. Similarly, non-stop buses between Lucknow and Agra have also been resumed.
  • Kaiserbagh to Bareilly bus will start at 10 PM. This service will terminate in Delhi. Passengers can board the bus at 11 PM from Bareilly.
  • AC Buses from Gorakhpur to Ayodhya will hit the roads today. Passengers can book tatkaal or advance booking for this service from bus stands, said Transport Department officials.
  • Volvo premium buses will run on the Lucknow-Agra and Lucknow-Agra-Delhi route, from February 14 onwards. These services will depart from the Alambagh Depot today.
  • Volvo service running between Alambagh to Delhi at 10 PM has also been resumed from today.

With this relaxation, UPSRTC has also scheduled special non-stop Scania buses from Alambagh to Agra, from 9 AM. The bus will begin the return journey from Agra, at 5 PM, on the same day. This will boost the frequency of buses available between the two cities.

Additionally, the corporation has fixed ticket fares for all buses. Passengers travelling for a distance of 352km will be charged ₹897, informed officials.

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