North India's largest Medical Devices Park to be set up in Uttar Pradesh!

North India's largest Medical Devices Park to be set up in Uttar Pradesh!

The park will also house a start-up incubation centre

Amid a range of upcoming projects at the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), the UP government has decided to set up a Medical Devices Park in the region. As per the latest developments, the union government has given primary approval for the project. The Medical Devices Park will not only be the first facility of its kind in UP but it is also being said that this would be largest centre in North India.

Park to come up over an an expanse of 350 acres in Noida

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Now, the Department of Pharmaceuticals in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers has asked for a Detailed Project Report(DPR) from the state administration by December 23. After analysing the DPR, "further appraisal and final approval" will be given for the project. A state representative informed that the first proposal for this park was sent to the central government on October 9,2020. As per the current plans, the proposed park shall come over an expanse of 350 acres in sector 28 of Noida.

It has been stated that the interventions for this park will be executed under two phases. While an investment of ₹5,250 would accrue to the sate, the park would generate employment for more than 20,000 individuals. During the times of the pandemic, the country battled against a dire shortage of medical resources, which further elevates the need and significance of the park.

Park to have a start-up incubation centre

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The plan would transform the state of Uttar Pradesh into a major centre for pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, in order to reduce its dependence on other nations. Notably, the park would also house an incubation centre for aiding the startups in the field. This facility shall be built in collaboration with IIT Kanpur, on five acres of land at the park.

- With inputs from IANS

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