UP News | State's first Skin Bank to come up at KGMU in Lucknow

UP News | State's first Skin Bank to come up at KGMU in Lucknow

The new Skin Bank in UP will be India's 7th such facility.

Lucknow is all set to get its first Skin Bank that'll be set up at the famous KGMU. The infrastructure for the new skin bank is ready and the process for procuring equipment and license for the same has already been initiated. The remaining work to get the facility ready is expected to be completed in a phased manner, within the next few weeks.

Skin from donors is harvested in Skin Banks 

Unlike kidney and liver, skin from a donor can be stored and preserved. And once this new skin bank at KGMU is up and running, patients suffering from burn injuries in the city, will be able to get swift and comprehensive treatment.

The said Skin Bank in Lucknow, which will has been built in an area of 1,500 square feet, will provide skin graft to patients that matches their skin type, thus saving them from further infection while also ensuring their wound heals quickly.

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