UP Police to undergo mandatory NCRB digital training to gear up against cyber crimes

UP Police to undergo mandatory NCRB digital training to gear up against cyber crimes

The NCRB training module is core, and imperative in devising new counter-responses to cybercrime

As the nation visions a Digital India, the Uttar Pradesh Police has decided to train and upgrade its personnel to take on this new world. As per the instructions issued by DGP Mukul Goel, it is now compulsory for all state cops to clear the online course of National Cybercrime Training Centre (CyTrain) organised by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The authorities believe that this move will categorically help in improving the quality of investigation in cybercrime cases as well as the status of law and order in the state.

UP Police personnel to become tech savvy

In a bid to become compatible in the information era, UP Police has taken a big step to make all its officers tech-savvy. A mandatory NCRB training has been lined up for the state police personnel, to acquaint them with the various aspects of technology in tackling cybercrime. The move is aimed at enhancing the investigation techniques, reducing case back-logs and offering appropriate practical onground application of technology to the personnels.

The DGP reportedly said, "All district police chiefs and heads of cybercrime cells have been asked to submit a compliance report mentioning details of personnel who have cleared the module. A certificate will also be generated after one clears the course."

Cyber training is the need of the hour 

The number and technicalities of cybercrimes are rising in the state, said Superintendent of Police, UP Cyber Cell, Triveni Singh. Hence, updating and upgrading the personnel is the need of the hour for a robust investigation cell.

"The training module is core, and imperative in devising new counter-responses, besides continual advancement in knowledge and skills to tackle cybercrimes," he said.

The module will include the following aspects of investigation:

  • detect cybercrime

  • register complaints

  • be first responder to a cyber crime

  • collect cybercrime threat intelligence about cybercriminals

  • build a cyber-security infrastructure

"The module also teaches one to collect admissible evidence and handle prosecution in cybercrime cases," the SP added.

Why is NCRB training mandatory? 

While state-wise cybercrime training modules are in place there is a lack of centralisation, said Additional SP, Social Media Cell Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Srivastav while speaking to Knocksense.

He further adds, "There is a hierarchy in police officers, from constabulary to superintendent and all of them need to be on the same page when it comes to cybercrime investigation. To address this, the NCRB has been brought into the picture. NCRB will be tasked to standardise the training programme for all the UP police personnels."

So far, about 6,000 UP Police officers have cleared this virtual training as yet. Recently, the Uttar Pradesh Home Department had also prepared an targetted action plan which includes setting up of cyber helpdesks, a digital forensic lab in Lucknow and a cyber forensic lab at zone level across the state.

A plan to set up cyber cell headquarters at the DGP Office is also in the pipeline. This will help to mitigate the threats of cybercrime in the future, in a more efficient way.

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