UP to come up with a tiger conservation body for Amangarh Tiger Reserve

UP to come up with a tiger conservation body for Amangarh Tiger Reserve

The Amangarh Tiger Reserve is situated near the Bijnor District of UP, and was established back in 2012 under India's Project Tiger initiative.

In a bid to facilitate biodiversity conservation and to promote eco-tourism, the UP administration will soon constitute a dedicated body for tiger conservation in the Amangarh Tiger Reserve (ATR) of the Bijnor district.

Reportedly, the plan for the formulation of ATR's conservation body i.e. Amangarh Tiger Reserve Foundation will require a multidimensional approach, involving multiple stakeholders other than the support from the state government.

Amangarh Tiger Reserve, Bijnor

Established under India's Project Tiger back in 2012, the Amangarh Tiger Reserve is one of the most prestigious, beautiful and rich wilderness areas in UP.

Spreading over an area of 9500 Ha (95 Sq.Kms) the reserve is a buffer zone to the Jim Corbett National Park. Furthermore, ATR houses a total of 27 tigers and other animals including Asiatic Elephants, Swamp deer, Sambar, Cheetal, Hog deer and more.

Moreover, the reserve is all set to open for tourists from November 15 for which the preparations are in full swing.

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