UP Tourism | New hotel, resort ranking portal launched for tourist convenience

UP Tourism | New hotel, resort ranking portal launched for tourist convenience

This government-regulated portal will effectively rank different hotels on the bases of infrastructure and services offered.

Uttar Pradesh, celebrated for its rich cultural heritage, historical marvels, and vibrant urban hubs, is actively fortifying its tourism sector. Drawing millions of tourists annually from destinations such as Varanasi, Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan, and Chitrakoot, the state has become a magnet for both domestic and international visitors.

In a strategic move to elevate the tourism infrastructure and invigorate the hospitality industry, the UP Tourism Department has unveiled a cutting-edge portal for classifying star hotels.

Travelers, seeking reliable and top-notch amenities, often find themselves navigating through the maze of online hotel bookings. The gamble with private websites can result in subpar accommodations and inflated prices. This government-regulated portal will effectively rank different hotels on the basis of infrastructure and services offered.

What is the new portal about?

The UP tourism department has launched a new portal to improve tourism and support hotels in the state. The portal categorizes hotels and resorts based on their quality and services. Users can easily book hotels in different districts of UP, choosing based on the hotel's rank.

How does the portal function?

The portal functions by categorizing hotels and resorts in Uttar Pradesh into five distinct categories: Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. This classification is determined by factors such as quality, services, and overall guest experience.

How is the portal expected to be beneficial?

The benefits of the new classification system are manifold. The hospitality industry of the state is also expected to receive numerous benefits from the UP Tourism department through this portal.

Hotels recognized under this system become eligible for various incentives, subsidies and tax benefits in line with industry standards.

Simultaneously, the revised classification simplifies the selection process for tourists, providing them with a clearer understanding of the facilities and services offered by each establishment.

Why the need for this portal?

The introduction of this portal addresses the need to enhance the tourism framework and invigorate the hospitality industry in Uttar Pradesh. By implementing a systematic classification based on quality and services, the state aims to provide a standardized and transparent platform for both hoteliers and tourists.

Knock Knock

As a government-operated platform regulated by the UP Tourism department, this portal will undergo regular surveys of registered accommodation facilities. This ensures high reliability for tourists looking for lodging. The portal has been launched, and the government is currently working on implementing a ranking system, which will soon be accessible on the website.

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