UP Transport Dept slates PPP-based upgrade for 23 bus stands in Lucknow & other districts

UP Transport Dept slates PPP-based upgrade for 23 bus stands in Lucknow & other districts

In Lucknow, the redevelopment of bus stands at Amausi, Vibhuti Khand and Charbagh, has been included in the first phase.

In a bid to elevate the status of bus travel in Uttar Pradesh, the Transport Department of the state has decided to revamp 23 bus stands on the basis of a PPP model. As per reports, around 17 bus stops including 3 at state capital Lucknow, have been shortlisted for the first-phase development regime. The bus stands will be upgraded to feature improved designs for facilitating comfortable travel.

State-of-the-art facilities to be installed at UP bus stands

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The Uttar Pradesh cabinet has approved a draft to develop 17 bus stands of the Transport Corporation as yet, based on the Public-Private Partnership model. A revised bid documentation was earlier tabled by the Transport Department and with the cabinet's green flag now, plans are underway to update 23 bus stands overall in UP, in the same format.

The bus stands included in the first phase are- Kaushambi (Bus Station, Depot Workshop), Ghaziabad Sahibabad (Bus Station, Depot Workshop), Transport Nagar (Agra), Idgah (Agra) Agra Fort, Mathura (Old), Kanpur Central (Jhakarkati), Varanasi Cantt (Bus Station, Regional & Depot Workshop), Civil Lines Prayagraj, Zero Road Prayagraj, Vibhuti Khand Lucknow (Bus Station, Regional & Depot Workshop), Amausi (Bus Station, Depot Workshop), Charbagh Bus Stand, Sohrab Gate Meerut (Bus Station, Depot Workshop), Rasulabad Aligarh (Bus Station/Depot Workshop) and Gorakhpur Bus Stand.

Reportedly, the bus stands will be developed on the 'design, build, finance, operate and transfer' model. This means, that the firm that bags the tender for the redevelopment will not only have to structurally revamp the bus stops but also make financial arrangements for the same. After operating it for the stipulated years, the private partner will have to transfer the regulatory authority to the state government.

Several state-of-the-art facilities and provisions will be installed here for the benefit and comfort of travellers. The bus stands will have waiting areas, cafeterias, clean drinking water and toilets along with WiFi services. This will cushion up the commuters' travel experience holistically.

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