Upcoming flyover to ease traffic at Lucknow's Bhitauli crossing on IIM road!

Upcoming flyover to ease traffic at Lucknow's Bhitauli crossing on IIM road!

This four-lane facility to come as a major relief to commuters on Sitapur Road, Hardoi Road, Kanpur Road & Lucknow-Agra expressway.

Aiming to alleviate the frequent traffic jams at the Bhitauli crossing in Lucknow, the authorities have planned to establish a new flyover. Acting as a link between IIM Road to Sitapur Road, this upcoming facility will help in the easier and faster movement of trucks and other vehicles. With the help of this development, the traffic load at the Bhitauli intersection will be reduced and the local residents will get a better and improved alternative for the commute.

680-metre road to be a four-lane facility

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According to N.N. Giri, Project Director at the NHAI, the Bhitauli intersection is logged as a black spot in the records of the organisation. Now, the forthcoming facility will help to usher relief for the travellers coming to Lucknow via Sitapur Road. Proposed to be built by the National Highway Authority of India, the planned flyover will be a four-lane facility extending over a length of 680 metres. While the project has been approved, related tenders to start the interventions will be rolled out soon.

It is expected that the flyover will be constructed at an approximate cost of ₹140 crores and the authorities are planning to conclude the project by 2023. The NHAI director informed that the design for this flyover has been finalised. The proposed road will start on IIM road, 400 metres before the Bhitauli crossing and the elevated section will stand on a total of 25 piers.

Flyover to have 500 metre long approach roads on both sides

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It has been informed that the flyover will be connected to approach roads on both ends, of 500 metres each. Besides this, both sides will also have service lanes, stretching over lengths of 8.5 metres each.

As per the NHAI officials, nearly 40 to 45 thousand commuters pass through the toll plaza at Sitapur road every day. With the establishment of the new flyover, these citizens will be able to undertake easier trips without getting caught in heavy traffic jams. In addition to this, passengers coming from Hardoi Road, Kanpur Road and Lucknow-Agra expressway will also be benefitted.

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