Upcoming 'Green Corridor' to resolve traffic woes across Lucknow

Upcoming 'Green Corridor' to resolve traffic woes across Lucknow

As per the plans, this road will pass through Hardoi Road, Sitapur Road, Old Lucknow, Khadra, Parivartan Chowk, Paper Mill Colony.

In an attempt to ease the intra-city travel for the residents, Lucknow is all set to witness the establishment of the newly proposed 'Green Corridor'. Slated to start construction works in October, the upcoming facility will stretch over 27 kilometres connecting Gomti Nagar and Gomti Nagar Extension. As per the current plans, this road will pass through Hardoi Road, Sitapur Road, Old Lucknow, Khadra, Parivartan Chowk, Paper Mill Colony.

Travel time to reduce from 1 hour to 15 minutes!

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On Monday, LDA Vice President Abhishek Prakash summoned an important meeting of all concerned officials aiming to discuss the details of the project. At the summit, the consultant company hosted a presentation expounding upon a list of things, related to the scheme. Additionally, the LDA VC apprised that Hardoi Road, Sitapur Road, Old Lucknow and Khadra will be directly linked with Gomtinagar, after the commissioning of the green corridor. With the inception of this facility, an hour-long journey would be materialised in a short span of 15 minutes!

In a bid to accelerate the process, the DM has directed Consultant Tata Consultancy Engineers to initiate work within 3 days. Thereby, a report is expected within 1.5 months and the authorities have asked for a DPR by the end of 3 months from now. While the first phase of construction will begin in October, DPRs for all phases have been requested to streamline the complete plan.

Shaheed Path and IIM to be linked on priority

The project will be overlooked by LDA Secretary Pawan Kumar Gangwar, who has been designated as the overall nodal officer for assuring coordination amongst all departments. With aims to connect the city from east to west, the project will be executed in a graded manner and the section of the road connecting IIM and Shaheed Path will be constructed on priority. Later, the 2nd phase would witness works between Shaheed Path and Kisan Path. Further, it has been stated that Kisan Path will be connected to Hardoi Road through two phases.

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