Lucknow Half Marathon: UP Police adds an inspired twist to security & emergency measures

UP Police's emergency service 112 partners up with Lucknow City Half Marathon

Fitness is the new revolution that is currently changing lives left, right & centre. Each day more people decide to live an active and healthy life which in itself is a laud-worthy endeavour and new activities and events promoting this healthy lifestyle in the city, only add to the motivation of the people. One such event is the Lucknow City Half Marathon, that's being organised with a motive to promote a healthy and more rounded lifestyle. This event will be happening on 2nd Feb at the 1090 Chauraha. The event will be attended by champion of all things healthy and the official ambassador- Milind Soman who will also be running for a healthy Lucknow.

Fitness is not the only thing revolutionising the lives of Lucknowites, UP Police's emergency service 112 is also set to make lives easier for us all. UP Police's 112 service will be the safety partner of Lucknow City Half Marathon to provide first aid and security along critical routes.

What's the update?

Lucknow City Half Marathon is happening tomorrow, i.e. 2nd February 2020 at the 1090 Women's Powerline Chauraha. UP Police will be acting as safety partner for the event which will be attended by actor Milind Soman- the official ambassador and 4 times 'Ironman' as well as Abhishek Mishra- 'Ultraman' Triathlon finisher 2017.

The newly launched 112, is an integrated number for all emergency services in the state including, ambulance, police and fire brigade, much like 911 in the US. 112 will be deploying several 'Police Response Vehicles' (PRVs), both four wheelers and two wheelers, at critical points along the marathon route. These PRVs will not only provide security, but the two wheeler PRVs will escort runners and assist in traffic management as well.

The PRV staff are trained First Responders who are well-equipped and trained for handling emergency situations.

In their bid to spread awareness about the emergency service the UP Police will also be launching some quirky posters and fun hoardings. The hoarding will be placed across the city and carry messages that will be illuminating as well as super fun! Our favourite being a play on Sin/Cos=Tan.

The finish line will also have a singularly unique 'Selfie Point' where finishers can take pictures and tell the world of their victory; the banner here would read: "I came, I ran, I finished".

Knock Knock

With this initiative the UP Police aims to kill two birds with one stone, spread awareness about the emergency service and promote a healthy lifestyle for the residents of Lucknow. So be a part of the marathon, be a little healthy, reach the finish line and say proudly- I came, I ran, I finished! Also, make sure to use the hashtag #runsafewith112 when you upload your glowing marathon face!

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- With inputs from IANS

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