Primary School teachers to now be included in 'Corporate Appraisal' structure in Uttar Pradesh

Primary School teachers to now be included in 'Corporate Appraisal' structure in Uttar Pradesh

Teachers are required to fill an online self-evaluation form that would gauge their performance across 9 parameters.

The Basic Education Department of Uttar Pradesh has announced the introduction of a 'corporate appraisal' system for teachers and principals of all primary schools in the state. If the teachers are seeking a promotion or a raise in salary, they will have to 'earn points' for that now. Attempting to reduce corruption in the system, the latest intervention would renovate the education sector of Uttar Pradesh.

Teachers to be evaluated over a range of 9 indicators

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As per the statement of a government spokesperson, the Basic Education Department of the state machinery has instructed all the teachers and head teachers to furnish their details in an online self-evaluation form by April 15. The form is available on the Manav Sampada portal and attempts to evaluate teachers across a range of 9 parameters.

While seven performance pointers are common for both categories of educators, the head teachers are also required to provide information about the enhancement of infrastructure and the implementation of provisions under 'Operation Kayakalp' scheme.

The Chief Minister's team has aggregated a list of 14 facilities that would be checked for in every school. If all these amenities are present in the school, the head teacher would be awarded 10 points. Another criterion for the assessment of the head teacher is the availability of report cards for all. 10 points shall be moved to his/her credit if all pupils have received their report cards.

Attendance in training programmes a must for attaining credit

Teachers will be judged on the number of out-of-school-children recognized and registered by them in schools. If a teacher is successful in enrolling all the students identified by him/her, he/she will get 10 points. The participation of teachers in the training programmes is an important standard for gauging their performance. A teacher with a record of cent percent participation in training schedules of Nishtha, the capacity-building activity, would be awarded 10 points.

The 7 indicators that overlap for teachers and school heads range from the use of Diksha portal and consistent presence in meetings of the school management committees to the use of the library by students and grades attained by pupils. A government representative clarified that the recent attempts are aimed at mitigating the possibilities of corruption which had become rampant because of the offline process of analysis.

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