UP's Pilibhit Tiger Reserve to become home to 4 new elephants from Karnataka

UP's Pilibhit Tiger Reserve to become home to 4 new elephants from Karnataka

Plan a getaway now!

One of the most majestic wild pathways of India, the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve houses some 65 tigers in its cradle. Amidst lush Sal forests, tremendous grasslands and swampy land lies this national forest which once bagged an international award for doubling the population of big cats in a given time.

And now, as four new elephants begin their journey from Karnataka to Uttar Pradesh's Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (PTR), it's time for you to start planning your weekend getaway trip into the wild too!

Forest officials have assured that the translocation of the elephants, who will make their way through Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, will be hassle-free.

More about the tuskers

The elephants from Karnataka, including one male and female (between age 5-6 years) and another pair of 12 years old, will be shifted by a special PTR team, consisting of a forest range officer, forest inspector, a veterinary officer, a forest guard, sub-divisional forest officer, and five mahouts, with a wildlife veterinarian from Karnataka.

"The elephants will be covering a distance of about 3,000 km in a convoy of trucks. We have obtained the transit permit and informed the chief wildlife wardens and police officials of all the concerned states so that they can take all the necessary precautions from their end," Chief conservator of Bareilly zone, Lalit Verma, said.

These tuskers are supposed to help in monitoring stray tigers in cropped fields, that sometimes become harmful to human life, an official explained.

Getaway in time to catch pure wilderness


Located approximately 270 kms from Lucknow, it will take you some 5 hours to reach PTR and its wilderness. And for those in Kanpur, it's a 7-hour drive into the green paradise on earth.

So, as soon as the translocation is complete, feel free to complete your bookings for the weekend to Pilibhit for an indelible safari, people!

UP's Pilibhit Tiger Reserve to become home to 4 new elephants from Karnataka
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