Uttar Pradesh Transport Dept gears up to provide courier service across the state

Uttar Pradesh Transport Dept gears up to provide courier service across the state

Notably, UPSRTC had originally planned to start this facility back in 2012 but could not implement the same due to the lack of suitable service providers

Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation is all set to start a parcel and courier service connecting every nook and corner in Uttar Pradesh. As per the announcement made by the Minister of State for Transport Dayashankar Singh on Friday, UPSRTC will soon start this courier service across the state in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, in association with private service providers. Reportedly, the corporation has already floated the tender to invite bids for this service.

Facility to start in two months

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Under the ambit of this association, the companies will be allowed to open their booking centres at bus stations across the state. According to officials, this courier service via UPSRTC is likely to start within the next two months. While bigger stations will have proper scanners to check the parcels, at the smaller stations security personnel will manually check the packets and parcels with metal detectors.

All the details regarding this service and the fees will be updated on UPSRTC's website soon. As per the plans, the selected service provider will also offer a parcel pick-up facility.

Move to generate additional revenue for UPSRTC

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In addition to offering quick courier services in small towns and villages of the state, this move will also generate additional revenue for UPSRTC. To ensure the commuters do not face any inconvenience while travelling, the parcels will be kept in a fixed place that will be decided by the authorities beforehand.

Notably, UPSRTC had originally planned to start this facility back in 2012 but the service could not be formalised due to the lack of suitable service providers. While the plan has resurfaced once again after 10 years, only time will tell if people get the benefit of this facility in reality or not.

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