​Urban floriculture work to be carried out at parks in Lucknow to develop them as 'Green Lungs'

​Urban floriculture work to be carried out at parks in Lucknow to develop them as 'Green Lungs'

City parks to undergo a 'green makeover' in Lucknow!

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Botanical Research Institute, centred in Lucknow has signed an MoU with the Lucknow Development Authority to give the city parks a 'green makeover'. As per this, the NBRI has decided to conduct graded urban floriculture work across the targeted parks. These open spaces will be developed as Lucknow's 'Green Lungs' read reports, which will not just improve the air quality but will also make the city more beautiful.

Work to kickstart at Janeshwar Mishra Park first

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The NBRI has been tasked to diversify the flora of parks in Lucknow. As informed by the LDA Secretary Pawan Kumar Gangwar, the MoU entails the NBRI to plant colourful flowers and various other ornamental plants in city parks, to facilitate a full green revamp. In the first phase, work will be conducted at the Janeshwar Mishra Park, followed by the River Front garden and then other LDA parks.

The MoU has also opened up the avenue for the Lucknow Development Authority to explore innovative aspects of urban floriculture as well. The art of contemporary horticulture and bonsai plantations will be promoted under the NBRI care, which will attract tourists, botanists alike.

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