Learner’s Driving License Test stands cancelled for week in Lucknow due to rising COVID-19 cases

Learner’s Driving License Test stands cancelled for week in Lucknow due to rising COVID-19 cases

New slots will be issued in the second week of September

The procedure of issuing new learner's driving license in Lucknow, has been suspended till 14th of August, in the wake of rising coronavirus cases. All application slots scheduled during this this period have been revoked to maximise security of applicants from the increased transmission rate.

What's the news?

The RTO office regulates the issuance of a learner's DL which permits a person to drive a vehicle in the presence of a permanent license holder. Post acknowledgement and confirmation of eligibility of an applicant, a slot for test is issued by the RTO. However, due to an upsurge in the number of coronavirus infections in the city, the Regional Transport Office of the State has cancelled all slots to issue the document across the state including the capital city, Lucknow.

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The officials from the RTO office said that the security and safety have been prioritised and all slots for a week, starting August 6 have been revoked. New slots will be generated in the second week of September, the message for which will reach the applicants via mobile messaging services.

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