Uttar Pradesh to offer free, virtual Sanskrit classes for all to promote the 'Language of God'

Uttar Pradesh to offer free, virtual Sanskrit classes for all to promote the 'Language of God'

People can enroll for the free Sanskrit training by registering with a missed call alert.

In an attempt to promote 'Sanskrit language' in Uttar Pradesh, the state government has decided to provide virtual training to interested candidates. All the people who want to speak, read and learn the language can now learn the language free of cost.

As per reports, the citizens, especially the students, will be able to take advantage of this facility by registering with a missed call alert. For this, regular one-hour-long online sessions will take place for 20 days. The classes will begin from July end.

UP Sanskrit Sansthan & Govt join hands to promote the 'divine language'

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The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to roll out free virtual training sessions to promote the 'Language of God' among citizens and students alike. This program will teach people how to speak, read and learn the ancient language within 1 month. "The Uttar Pradesh government is constantly trying to inculcate love for Sanskrit, the 'language of God' and give opportunities to those who want to learn the 'divine language'," said a spokesperson of the government.

"For this you have to give a missed call at a designated mobile phone number which will be followed by filling up the form and completing required formalities. The scheme will start by the end of this month," the official added.

Training every child to know Sanskrit, Hindi & English

This step has been forwarded to spread awareness about the importance of Sanskrit among the youth. Sanskrit is said to be one of the oldest languages known and preserved till now, and several steps are being taken to promote and culture it in the coming generations.

Presently, the state is making arrangements to ensure that every child in the state learns the Sanskrit language, along with Hindi and English. Dr Vachaspati Mishra, the President of UP Sanskrit Sansthan, said that interested students will also be imparted moral values, besides the syntax and grammar of the language. "It is a novel effort of the government to teach Sanskrit through free classes along with Hindi and English," he said.

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