11 new labs for RT-PCR testing to come up in UP

11 new labs for RT-PCR testing to come up in UP

Efforts for BSL-2 grade labs are underway in UP.

Ahead of the expected rise of the third wave of coronavirus, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to ramp up the sampling and testing capacities in the state with 11 new labs. With this, 45 of the 75 districts in UP will have an RT-PCR testing lab, read reports. Meanwhile, officials of the medical education department further informed that efforts are underway to develop labs in the remaining 30 districts as well.

Efforts for BSL-2 grade labs are underway in UP

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In a bid to expedite COVID testing in Uttar Pradesh, the state has decided to set up new RT-PCR labs at Aurraiya, Mahoba, Bulandshahr, Amethi, Siddhartha Nagar, Deoria, Bijnor, Kasganj, Mau, Kushinagar and Sonbhadra. The Director-General of Health, in an official statement of the government, informed that the testing facility at Bulandshahr has started to run its operations.

The state has also been granted ICMR approval for about 6 of these labs. "For the remaining four the application is pending before the authorities concerned", he added. The process to start BSL-2 grade labs in the remaining 30 districts in UP has also gained momentum, streamlined with the Chief Minister's instructions.

Officials believe that the new labs will augment the COVID testing (RT-PCR) potential of the state, bettering the tracing infrastructure amid the anticipated surge of the third wave. As of Monday, the state has conducted as many as 5,73,48,462 COVID-19 tests since the outbreak of the pandemic last year.

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