Uttar Pradesh's One District One Product list gets 9 new additions!

Uttar Pradesh's One District One Product list gets 9 new additions!

The ODOP Scheme now lists 75 products under its listing

The Uttar Pradesh government has included 9 new products in its One-District-One-Product (ODOP) list. This scheme aims at recognising a domicile product from each state district and then develop, promote and market it, furnishing a brand value at national and global levels.

What' the news?

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The domestic districts for these 9 products already have at least one product listed under ODOP programme, however, developing these additional goods, projects greater viability of generating more capital along with job opportunities. The new products include metal from Mirzapur, mentha from Rampur, food items and school dresses from Lalitpur, leather from Unnao, zari work from Farrukhabad, incense sticks from Kannauj, pink meenakari and toys from Varanasi and readymade garments from Gorakhpur.

Talking on the matter, Additional Chief Secretary (MSME), said, "Earlier, 66 products from 75 districts were being developed while providing training and financial assistance to workers. Later, we found some districts had more than one product with equal economic and employment potential and decided to include two or more products in the ODOP list. Varanasi, for instance, has several GI products and like silk, these too could be developed.

The ODOP scheme was launched by the UP government in 2018 to to promote the district-specific handicrafts and goods. The newer additions to the scheme will now be specially marketed and packaged, and artisans would be trained to improve product quality while ensuring their upliftment.

"Under ODOP scheme, MSME department organises special exhibitions, funds artisans and workers to attend exhibitions in India and abroad, holds technical sessions for marketing, branding and technological improvements and provides tool kits. Lakhs of workers have benefited by this focused approach to the development of a particular product," Additional Chief Secretary added.

-With inputs from IANS

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