Viral song 'Ghar se Kachra Nikal' is the new daily morning anthem for Lucknowites!

Viral song 'Ghar se Kachra Nikal' is the new daily morning anthem for Lucknowites!

LMC's garbage trucks use viral Hindi song to promote systematic waste disposal in Lucknow.

In an attempt to create awareness and add some fun to the process, Lucknow Municipal Corporation has been using the viral song, 'Gadi Wala Aaya..' while collecting garbage from several localities. So if you hear the song blasting from the garbage trucks, right in the morning, don't be alarmed, it's just a new ritual you'll soon get used to.

LMC's Creative Awareness Drive

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The LMC has started preparing 2019 State Champion, Lucknow to perform well in the sixth edition of the Swachh Survekshan, the world's largest cleaning survey, and for that, a new fleet of garbage trucks have been deployed in various key centres of the city. These buses reach residential areas and collect domestic refuse in segregated compartments of dry, wet and hazardous waste.

However, the attempts of Nagar Nigam to create awareness about proper waste disposal do not stop here. In a bid to increase the recall and retention of the message, these trucks park at common locations in residential areas, and play the iconic song from the state of Madhya Pradesh as an alarm to alert the people of its arrival.

An official goes from door to door to collect the garbage of houses farther from the parked position, while those near the truck, dump the waste on their own. The song is played on loop till the garbage van leaves the locality, and this routine, every day not only takes the daily waste, but also raise awareness among residents to not litter anywhere and throw their daily garbage in prescribed LMC trucks only.

So, next time you hear the song playing in your vicinity, get ready to dispose off your daily waste and contribute towards city's civic cleanliness, helping it rank higher in the Swachh Survekshan 2021!

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