Vocational programmes to widen employment scope for ITI students in Lucknow & other UP districts

Vocational programmes to widen employment scope for ITI students in Lucknow & other UP districts

About 305 ITIs in Uttar Pradesh will now facilitate quality technical education to augment employment opportunities for the youth .

While students at industrial training institutes in Uttar Pradesh await their results, the state has buckled up to open an extended dimension to facilitate technical education and jobs for them. All 305 state ITIs across UP, including Lucknow, will now conduct special vocational programmes to develop skill, knowledge and ability in students. As per reports, private companies will also be invited to these centres by the managing principal authorities, to boost the scope of employment for the trainees.

A systematic approach to boost education and jobs via ITIs

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The Vocational Education Council has been directed to make required arrangements to further the state's initiative. Though online classes have commenced from May 20, the Department of Vocational Education has been asked to provide jobs to the institutions, to stop the arbitrariness in the name of skill-based training. At the same time, the department will have to provide a thorough record of hiring and disciplinary action will be taken against principals and institutes, who fail to cooperate.

The Aliganj-based Business Education Council in Lucknow, has suggested that a trade-wise index should be prepared for the job seekers in all 67 trades. The centres should be tasked annually to provide information regarding how many students have studied at an ITI, how many have received a job and how many are pursuing further studies. Only those students scoring 70% or more, will be offered jobs by the institutes, a state's order said. This pre-requisite will help to check the quality of education offered at government as well as private centres.

ITIs in UP get their own placement cells

The Joint Director of Vocational Education said that this measure will effectively promote technical education in all government and private institutions in the state. A placement cell has already been set up at the centres, which will supervise the apprenticeship and employment programmes.

By the provision of this new system, the state aims to develop an increased temper for technical education in youth and simultaneously, job procurement. Figures suggest that more than 3 lakh students complete training from ITIs every year and these students will now be able to avail the benefits of the improved education quality and increased scope of employment.

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