VOID in Lucknow is about to begin and the Midival Punditz is coming to mark its beginning

VOID in Lucknow is about to begin and the Midival Punditz is coming to mark its beginning

Brace yourself for a night with Midival Punditz at the VOID this Friday!

Lucknow's most awaited nightclub is ready to open its doors wide open! Transform this Friday into a Friyay coz VOID is bringing, for the first time ever, Midival Pundits, Xytech and Blur. Not just that, this is going to be VOID's debut nightlife, offering a completely different experience, with a hardcore, punk, sci-fi vibe.

Finally, you can break the cuffs off and experience a truly quintessential nightlife like never before. They're pulling you in with everything- dancing, drinking, feasting, indulgence and lots more! So, brace yourself for a night with Midival Punditz embracing the sci-techno vibe.

What's in it for you, you ask?

Void offers one of Lucknow's most unique dining, partying, dancing and hanging out experiences, and they're a new joint with a lot for you to like. Studded with sci-techno, neon and other crazy-themed lights, paired with futuristic cyberpunky-techno beats, Void gives you the vibe like a void in itself, making you forget about the outside world.

On the 12th of August, everything from the bar to the dance floor to the kitchen is open for you. You can indulge in beverages of all kinds, gorge out on scrumptious snacks and dishes, and basically, kick back after a long week.

With Midival Punditz, Xytech and Blur's beats livening up the place, you can rest assured you're in for a wild night.

Who are the artists?

Midival Punditz are coming to communicate vibes and energy through their Midi-based music. At the forefront of electronic music in India, the Midival Punditz will light up the dance floor with their beats. Having performed in International settings, they are now here in Lucknow, all set to make your night at VOID a memorable one.

Backing them will be other renowned Indian electronic musicians such as Xytech and Blur. They are sure to get you in the groove, ready to tap your feet to Midival Punditz groovy tunes.

Knock Knock

VOID is one of the latest and most interesting twists on generic pubs. They are opening their doors for you all on 12th August, and have a host of great artists lined up. Not just that, the bar, and the entire food menu will also be available, meaning you're in for a night of epic proportions!

When: August 12, 2022

Where: Third Floor, Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow

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