Walnut 2.0 at Patrakarpuram is striking Lucknow's sweet affair with bakeries once again!

Walnut 2.0 at Patrakarpuram is striking Lucknow's sweet affair with bakeries once again!

Have you visited the all-new Walnut World Bakery outlet at Patrakarpuram already?

Walnut World Bakery has stepped up its game with the launch of a concept bakehouse, that blends the best of boulangerie and patisserie along with a cafe kitchen for all. Seated at Patrakarpuram, this premium offering by Walnut is whisking a delightful array of melt-in-mouth plums and the spongiest of all bread, to bake a sugarholic's dream come true! So, whether is it your dessert craving or your quest to find a new place to chill, you need to check it out ASAP.

It's all art at this fancy bakery!

A place that claims it has got superpowers - powers of creating the finest sweet plums in town, Walnut World Bakery has proven yet again why it calls baking an art. The new Walnut outlet at Gomti Nagar is bringing us the finesse of some of the most elaborate desserts and cakes out there and the galore begins with opera cakes, the cutesy macarons and the jiggly Japanese Cheesecakes. And well, it goes on to include the chocolaty blast of pastries, crispy doughnuts, swiss rolls and the creamy crème brûlée too!

In addition to that, there's also a whole new kitchen menu that greets you here! Dear Walnut Alfredo Pasta fans, your time to shine is here! Explore the goodness of the Walnut expertise in an all-new cafe menu - that includes the mightiest of burgers, a hearty share of fries, yes! your favourite pasta too and a lot more!

And not just the menu, the place is an absolute delight to the eye! The new Walnut is spacious and has a luxe vibe with a distinct edginess to it, thanks to the classic monochrome checkered look. The walls don a minimalistic decor and the seating is plush, the ambience absolutely magnetic, and it all comes together to create an experience - you would want as your escape.

The place is complete with a dedicated playing area for kids! It simply means that even if your little munchkin is hit by the sugar rush, they have ample space to run about.

A name that has been satiating our sweet tooth since childhood, Walnut World Bakery is now gearing up to magnify your delish-dessert cravings and it's such a win-win deal if you ask us. So be it a happy date with its sweet plums or a date with your sweetheart, a visit to this place is just the indulgence you must look forward to.

Location: A-22 Viram Khand Patrakarpuram Road, Gomtinagar (Below Irani Cafe)

Timings: 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM

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