Want to study in the UK? Nodnat's 3-step programme can help you get there!

Want to study in the UK? Nodnat's 3-step programme can help you get there!

Want to study in London? Which university should you opt for? Which course is right? Don't know where to start? We're here to answer your questions.

Many of us dream of studying abroad, pursue the idea, and get down to brass tacks ourselves. The process of choosing a varsity is an arduous one, there are many things to consider. You need someone with years of hands-on experience to guide and assist you throughout the process.

With over 20+ Years of Experience, Nodnat-Study Abroad, not only helps with Admission and Visa to study in the UK, but also offers career guidance, university selection, accommodation education loans and more. With offices in India as well as the UK, they provide assistance in both part-time and post-study full-time jobs and post-study work visa assistance through their UK offices.

A Push Towards Global Education for Lucknowites

Nodnat is connected with almost all UK Universities and has been helping students at every step right from training to up to settling in the UK.

Nodnat’s UK office is managed by the Founder Director-Mamit Agarwal, an Alumni of London Business School University of Bradford and University of Greenwich, who has been living in the UK for the past 14 years and has helped 1000s of students to settle there after studies.

The United Kingdom is considered as one of the most favourable destinations for Indian students for multiple reasons.

  • UK is a pioneer in world class education, and is home to some of world's best universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, Kings College, London School of Economics to name a few.

  • UK is enriched with Indian values and culture, may it be Indian festivals, worship places, Indian food & groceries, local language support or anything else.

  • London is just an 8 hour flight from Delhi with almost 40+ direct flights daily between UK and India, so if you are feeling homesick you are just few hours away from your parents.

Home away from Home

Nodnat’s UK office further provides help to students who are many miles away from home. The UK offices are situated in London and Manchester, and if you're looking for a part-time job to support yourself, they are always a call away for guidance.

Part-time jobs come later, what comes before is accommodation, which is hard to find at student friendly rates in the UK and other countries too. Nodnat helps you out in that regard and once your visa is approved you have a place to call home overseas.

They also help in getting your air tickets done. Prior to your going to a new country, they also guide you through the culture and food of the place, so that you know what you're doing in a country where no one speaks the same language as you.

The Three Step Process followed by Nodnat

Nodnat's coaching follows a three step programme which helps you from start to finish.

  1. IELTS training: Most of the top UK universities ask for IELTS certificate as a proof of English language proficiency, however students who have scored well in English in class 12 may get exempted from IELTS. Getting a good score in IELTS is very important as this will not only help you in getting admission in a reputed university but will also let you when you apply for jobs after studies.

  2. Admission Counselling: It is very important to make an informed decision on the course and university selection. Your career prospects will highly depend on this, therefore guidance from an experienced person is required which Nodnat's team is highly adept at.

  3. Visa: The third and final step is getting a visa, for which you will need to provide them with all the right documents, while they take care of the formalities.

Nodnat will not only help you in getting student visa but will also assist you with 2 years of post-study work visa while you are in the UK.

About Nodnat

One of Lucknow's oldest abroad education consultants in Lucknow, offering expert help for students to study abroad. The India office is managed by Umang Kalra, an Alumni of Cass Business School, City University- London, who has lived in London too, and has established relationships with local businesses and job agencies, helping students find part-time jobs while studying along with his self-experienced guide on student life in the UK.

Nodnat has been at it since 2003 and thanks to their overseas education experience, they are able to offer reliable and concrete plans to students who are in the dark about their future.

Contact: +91 99189 68818

Lucknow Address: 2nd Floor Taj Plaza, 3-Way Road, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Lucknow 226001, India.

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