Weather News | Heatwave 'Red Alert' issued for Lucknow & other UP regions till June 14

Weather News | Heatwave 'Red Alert' issued for Lucknow & other UP regions till June 14

The city's weather will be dry with max. temperature reaching up to 45°C, this week.

This week, the skies teased Lucknow with the promise of rain, igniting hopes among its residents. However, it is not to be! The citizens must wait for at least a week more, as monsoons are slated to grace Lucknow and other parts of Uttar Pradesh around June 20, according to Meteorological Authorities.

But Lucknow isn't alone in feeling the heat. Prayagraj continued to be the hottest city in country for the third consecutive day, with temperatures peaking at 46.3°C -- a staggering 6.3 degrees above normal. This marks the 10th consecutive day where a city in Uttar Pradesh has claimed the crown for the hottest spot in the country.

Meanwhile, Varanasi sizzled at 45.3°C and Kanpur at 45.2°C. With the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issuing a 'Red Alert' for heatwave conditions in UP until June 14, it's crucial to stay cool and hydrated.

In Lucknow, Monday's temperature was 43.8°C during the day and a sultry 26.2°C at night. The forecast predicts clear skies and brisk surface winds (20-30 kmph), offering little respite from the heat. Maximum temperatures are expected to hover around 45°C, while the minimum might drop to 28°C.

As the relentless warmth persists, coupled with frequent power outages, life in Lucknow has become a test of heat endurance for its residents. How are you beating the heat this summer?

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