Weather turns icy in Lucknow; dense fog, chilly winds & rainstorm in store for this week

The weather in Lucknow has been a little topsy turvy lately, with unexpected rains and a cold wave unlike anything the city has witnessed. Lucknow woke up to a blanket of fog which covered the entire city and an icy chill in the air, on Monday.

Similar conditions were noticed on Saturday as well as Sunday, though the sun did a little good to the city over the weekend, you can expect the chill to stay. According to IMD, Lucknow will be braving chilly winds, rainstorm and fog in the coming week.

What's the update?

The weather in Lucknow has been taking a turn for the worse and while we were wishing that the winds and the fog will let up sometime soon, the weather is only going to worsen over the week.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the weather in Lucknow will get better only to get worse. The dense fog and the chill that the city has experienced over the weekend will continue till Monday. A cloudy sky and light rains are also predicted for the city with the temperature at a minimum 10 degrees and maximum 18 degrees Celsius.

The rains are expected to dissipate the fog, hence on Tuesday the city will see a partly cloudy day with sparse fog, a minimum and maximum temperature of 12 and 18 degrees Celsius, respectively.

The temperatures from here on will take a nosedive. Wednesday and Thursday will again welcome bring an overcast sky and chances of rainstorm/dust-storm to the city. The temperatures are expected to be recorded at a minimum 12 degrees and maximum 17 degrees Celsius on Wednesday while a minimum 12 degrees and maximum 16 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

Friday in Lucknow is expected to be icier with a partly overcast sky, as well as a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius minimum and 15 degrees Celsius maximum. The week will close with another thunderstorm on Saturday with similar temperatures from Friday and a wet and icy weekend.

Knock Knock

The IMD forecast predicts a rather cold and grim week for the residents of Lucknow. Take the murky weather with a cup (or several) of tea and brace the chill.

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