Weather turns pleasant in Lucknow! Rain & hailstorm bring relief from heat on Friday

Weather turns pleasant in Lucknow! Rain & hailstorm bring relief from heat on Friday

Unexpected rains and hailstorm have brought some respite to the city dwellers.

Lucknow's weather is getting temperamental with each passing year and in another turn of events, isolated moderate showers and a hailstorm have drenched the city today. The changed weather has brought a welcoming respite to the city dwellers who were dealing with the oppressive heat of the scorching hot sun for the last few days. As per forecasts, Lucknow skies will remain partly cloudy until Saturday, after which the sun will shine through.

Lucknow on the receiving end of 'Ole'

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Despite reports of a clear day in Lucknow, sudden showers have hit the city by storm. Certain localities, such as Gomti Nagar experienced a dust storm before the rain poured in while others, such as Mall Avenue received 'ole' or a hailstorm. These 'showers of blessing' will not only help to regulate the high-rising temperature in the city but also reduce the soaring 284 AQI, tagged in the 'poor' category. This isolated downpour will settle the pollutants and particulate matter in the air, making the air cleaner and fit for human consumption.

At present, Lucknow's temperature stands at a pleasant 20°C and will dip down to a minimum of 16° today. Besides Lucknow, rainfalls have also drenched the National Capital Territory and earlier last week, parts of Rajashthan also received rainfall, including the state capital Jaipur.

Knock Knock

No matter how revitalising, rainfall in March is not a common occurrence in Lucknow and it is a statement of the quickly altering weather conditions, a clear effect of global warming. While you indulge in the comfort of a hot cup of tea and pakore in this bin mausam barsaat, be mindful of the glaring effects it underlines, in terms of altering Lucknow's weather and overall climate.

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