Escape the city blues & head to Shravasti from Lucknow for a tryst with nature & spirituality!

Escape the city blues & head to Shravasti from Lucknow for a tryst with nature & spirituality!

Shravasti shot to fame during the Gupta era due to its connection with Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira in 6th century.

In search of refreshing weekend getaways from Lucknow? If yes, look no further for we have got you covered! Placed at a distance of 175 kilometres from Lucknow, Shravasti is the place you should flock to for a peaceful holiday, away from the tiring routines of city life. Read on to know more about this underrated city, that promises you a soothing escapade from Lucknow, amid a blissful fusion of nature and spirituality!

A revered site for Buddhists & Jains!

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Shravasti, which is also referred to as Savatthi in Pali, is located near the Rapti River in the northeastern part of Uttar Pradesh. One of the six largest cities during the time of Gautam Buddha, this place is known for its historic link with Buddhism and Jainism. This ancient city is claimed to be the place where Buddha spent as many as 24 monsoons! Home to Buddhist and Jain pilgrimage sites, this holy city resonates with calming spiritual energies.

A lot of contrary things are said about the origin of this ancient city. People from different faiths have different beliefs as to why this city was named 'Shravasti'. According to Ramayana, Lord Ram divided Kosala into two cities for his sons, giving Shravasti to Lav and Kushavati to Kush. However, in Mahabharat, it is said that the origin of this place is related to the mythological king Shravast. On the other hand, Buddhism believes that the city was named Savatthi after sage Savattha who used to reside here.

Glance through these gems of Shravasti!

Knock Knock

The 173 km distance between Shravasti and Lucknow can be covered in a 4-hour drive via the National Highway 927. Additionally, one can also board a train from Lucknow to Balrampur and take a taxi from the station to Shravasti. The best time to visit Shravasti is during winter, from October to March. If you head out for a trip, do not forget to mask up and follow the mandatory COVID protocols, as the pandemic is not over yet!

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