Stock your resources Lucknowites, Weekend lockdown is about to roll!

Stock your resources Lucknowites, Weekend lockdown is about to roll!

Lockdown in order to carry out the process of sanitation of public places

With no respite in increasing number of coronavirus cases in the city, Lucknow is yet to witness another weekend lockdown starting from 10 pm on Friday to 6 am on Monday. All business activities, except those designated as essentials will remain un-operational for coming two days in the city for the process of a complete and thorough sanitation of public places.

5 days a week for the city

All Lucknowites are requested to stock up on their daily resources as the city will be closed for all private and industrial operations for the next two days. Market, galla mandis, haats will remain closed as well. Essential services, fruits and vegetable supplies, dairy products, and chemists will continue to function.

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All religious places will remained opened but have to strictly follow all the safety norms and precautions while maintaining protocols of social distancing. All manufacturing and IT based companies will also continue to work, but will have to conduct the operating procedures while following safety guidelines.

Domestic and International travel through trains and flights will operate as scheduled, however, local transport will remain shut. All Lucknowites are requested to follow the lockdown rules issued by the local administration to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the city and defeat the rising ferocity of this global pandemic.

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