Wetlands in UP to be converted into tourist, academic & recreation hubs

Wetlands in UP to be converted into tourist, academic & recreation hubs

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In a bid to scale its popularity among tourists, authorities in Uttar Pradesh are considering developing some of its main wetlands as hubs for academic and tourist activities. These include eight wetlands, designated as wetlands of worldwide significance (Ramsar sites). Out of the 42 Ramsar sites in India, UP is home to the maximum number of sites.

Wetlands in UP to become major tourist attractions

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The spokesperson of the UP administration relayed how the continuous efforts of the forest and other related departments in the state, have created a number of wetlands, which have been designated as wetlands of worldwide significance. These parks and scapes are storehouses of rich biodiversity and act as the habitats of an array of flora (terrestrial and aquatic) and fauna (terrestrial, aquatic, amphibians, reptiles, birds, bugs).

The primary site to get this standing was the Higher Ganga River in 2005 and until 2019, this was the only Ramsar site in UP. Today there are eight such sites. These include Sarsai Nawar Jheel (Etawah), Saman Fowl Sanctuary (Mainpuri), Sandi Fowl Sanctuary (Hardoi), Samaspur Fowl Sanctuary (Rae Bareli), Parvati Arga Fowl Sanctuary (Gonda), Nawabganj bird sanctuary (Unnao) and Sur Sarovar (Agra).

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