What makes the Bati Chokha truly 'Behtareen'; Where to grab a piping hot plate in Lucknow?

What makes the Bati Chokha truly 'Behtareen'; Where to grab a piping hot plate in Lucknow?

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Truly desi, wholesome, and most of all pocket-friendly, the humble Bati usually eaten along with Chokha (a spicy dish prepared with a mix of roasted eggplant, potato, and tomato), tumbles through the centuries-old history of Bhojpur region.

Even in Lucknow, a city renowned for its globally acclaimed Awadhi cuisine, Bati Chokha holds a unique place. Throughout the city, you'll find numerous outlets, food trucks, and restaurants that proudly serve this beloved dish, making it a staple for Lucknowites.

Why is it so hyped?

The whole recipe, Bati-Chokha, even referred to as Litti-Chokha in Bihar, is believed to have originated in the same region during the Magadha empire, in the 8th CE.

A Bati isn't just any ordinary item; it's a nutritional powerhouse, stuffed with sattu (whole gram flour) that's packed with protein. It is then roasted in the sand, and heated in the traditional way using dung cakes. The cooks here even dip the batis in ghee, giving them an extra flavour boost.

Due to its high nutritional value, the dish used to be a staple among farmers, back in the day.

A better, health-consciously wholesome meal

What makes this dish a winner is that it's easy on the pocket, and despite that doesn't skimp on that authentic desi flavour. Unlike those pricey continental dishes and fast food choices that often rely on all-purpose flour, our beloved Bati Chokha is a health-conscious option.

Now, if you're a fan of this dish just like us, you've got to check out the mouthwatering Bati Chokha at the decades-old spot tucked away behind Sachivalaya in Hazratganj. This unnamed shop, situated on the road leading to Pratibha Theatre, has been a beloved fixture for many, many years.

No signboards, nothing promotional - Just super good food

Open every day from 12 AM to 7 PM, this tiny joint is perpetually buzzing with customers. There's nothing fancy to draw attention to the place – no flashy signboards or a prominent name on display. They don't even offer online delivery services. Yet, from every corner of the city, people flock here for a plate of their mouthwatering Bati Chokha.

And here's the kicker: they don't just serve your regular Atta Bati; they've got a delicious selection, including Paneer Bati and Besan Bati, to satisfy your cravings. Their chokha has a tangy kick, with loads of tomatoes and just the right amount of spice, all topped off with chopped raw onions.

As for the prices, a plate of atta bati, with two of them and chokha comes at a price of ₹50, while paneer and besan bati both are priced at ₹70, all super duper reasonable!

A spot for a pocket-friendly meals

Paneer Bati
Paneer Bati

How to find this shop? It's so renowned that you can simply ask anyone in the vicinity of Sachivalaya for directions, and they'll point you in the right way. The shop is a modest setup in a tightly packed space.

And if you're planning to grab your meal to go, no worries! The vendor will skillfully pack it up for you by sandwiching the contents between two donas and fastening them with a bit of thread, just like they used to do in the good old days.

So, whenever you're in Ganj and craving a wholesome meal, this place is defo worth visiting. It's ready to treat your taste buds without putting a strain on your wallet!

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