Whisking the 'Flavour of Love': How 20-YO Avinash from Lucknow is 'baking' his dreams come true

Whisking the 'Flavour of Love': How 20-YO Avinash from Lucknow is 'baking' his dreams come true

"I want to open a huge bakery of my own someday", says out 20-YO baker.

Chatori Gali in Lucknow is one of the most popular hangout spots for foodies. For those who come here to satiate their hunger pangs and for good times, the 1090 lane features an extensive range of fast food options. However, when you look beyond the dishes, you'll be surprised to find several inspirational stories in this bustling lane, waiting to be uncovered.

This story is of a 20-year-old entrepreneur, Avinash Jaiswal, who can be spotted at the 1090 stretch at his modest setup, Treat Zone. Avinash's culinary journey began in childhood, sparked by his mother's cooking lessons. His passion for baking blossomed during his ninth-grade years, igniting a dream to turn his love for baking into a profession and livelihood.

The cupcakes and desserts Avinash is selling at 1090 today, are the building blocks of his bakery in Lucknow, which he wishes to open one day!

Flavours of love, baked with sheer dedication!


Despite the disapproval from his father, stemming from traditional gender biases associated with baking, Avinash remained steadfast in the pursuit of his dreams. Upon completing his Diploma in Baking and Patisserie Arts from a prestigious institute in Lucknow, he boldly ventured to establish his stall in Chatori Gali.

In the last few months, Avinash's perseverance has borne fruit as his stall gained traction. Early mornings find him tirelessly preparing an assortment of treats—from cakes to brownies—with support from friends and siblings.

Every morning, after baking all the mouth-watering items, Avinash along with his sister Jyoti, commutes from Jankipuram to 1090, on his scooter. The duo set up the stall, ready to share the culinary creations with the crowd.

Speaking to Knocksense, Avinash said "Earlier, my father never tasted the pastries and puddings I baked. Now, he does that happily and is supportive as well. All thanks to my decision to pursue what I love and how dedicated I was. The response I get here has also been good, despite some challenges, of course. I just want to keep doing it".

From oven to opportunity!

Driven by a vision of owning a bakery one day, Avinash, hopes to be able to cater to bigger crowds with famed items from across the globe. If you still do not believe the magic that this 20-YO can create, do check out his Instagram handle, where his passion for cake customisation shines through.

Avinash's unwavering dedication can fuel the confidence in many people who dream big but lack support and get caught in stereotypical cliches. So let's go vocal for this local boy and help him spread the 'Flavours of Love'.

Where: Chatori Gali, 1090

Timings: 5:30 PM - 10 PM

Contact: +918707277265

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