Here's why Homeys Cafe in Lucknow will always remain close to our hearts!

Here's why Homeys Cafe in Lucknow will always remain close to our hearts!

Homeys cafe has set some serious cafe goals in the city.

In present times, Lucknow has emerged as a city with a plethora of places, particularly cafes, for you to chill at with your friends and even family. But cut back to the era of 2015-2016, Lucknowites didn't really have a lot of options to choose from and then came in Homey's Cafe at Gomti Nagar, to shush our cribbings and cravings in the most vibrant and delicious ways! With its lush outdoor garden seatings and colourful murals, posters and art adorning the interiors, Homey's Cafe has paved the way for a thriving cafe culture in Lucknow.

The Lanes of Nostalgia!

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Homey's Cafe had been the goto option for the youngsters of Lucknow, even before 'going out' became a trend in the city. This place has given innumerable memories to people and now can forever be a part of our nostalgia. The cafe familiarised people about the concept of socialising with buddies over sumptuous bites and kick-ass music wrapped in a youthful ambience. They are still a yardstick for us, against which we measure the overall vibe of another cafe at hand. And even now, it is one of our go-to spots for a quick catch up with our buddies and also for a leisurely evening date with bae.

Homey's Cafe also introduced us to the authentic taste of Alfredo Pasta in Lucknow. It's like, every time we order, the plate is sourced straight from the kitchens of an Italian granny who wants to overstuff the faces of her grandchildren with this cheesy delicacy! Along with mouth-watering taste, the portions of their grubs have always been generous. To wash it all down, their Iced Tea absolutely hits the nail on the head and surely, it's our all-time favourite here.

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This cafe surely knows how to keep up with our ever-changing interests- they keep on updating their playlists, the menu and even the interiors which clearly lays out their high regards for their patrons and their preferences!

Knock Knock

Honestly, no matter how many cafes have taken or will take a seat on the grounds of Lucknow, we'd still be attached to the cord with Homey's Cafe. So if you're in Lucknow and want to explore the youth hubs in the city, then it is truly a must for you to visit this cafe!

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