With a temperature of 0.7°C after 67 years, Lucknow wrapped the decade with chills!

With a temperature of 0.7°C after 67 years, Lucknow wrapped the decade with chills!

Lucknow has always been known for its cold winters but this last year, the city witnessed its second-most coldest December Tuesday after 67 years.

Severe cold waves have been prevailing all across Uttar Pradesh and although Lucknnowites got a whiff of the sun for some time this past week, it didn't provide any respite from the chills. This winter wave led to the formation of dense fog in the mornings, which was followed by delays in trains and flights too.

The central and Bundelkhand regions of UP also observed utterly cold conditions and Kanpur peaked at 0°C, followed by Bahraich and Lucknow.

Shivering continues!

Lucknow reeled under abnormal temperatures on Tuesday morning and according to reports, the lowest temperature recorded in Lucknow was 0.5°C on December 13, 1973.

Other locales Kanpur shivered at a temperature reading of 0°C in the wee hours of Tuesday. The earlier record of lowest temperature in the city stood at 0.8°C on December 21, 2015.

According to the MET officials, the weather is going to change in the first week of 2020 itself. A western disturbance (WD) that hit the Himalayas on Tuesday, will tone down the icy winds and the state will face warmer conditions soon.

But this is also going to bring in rainfall in the city till Sunday and after this brief spell, Lucknow will again be face to face with foggy and extreme wintery state.

Knock Knock

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This dipping temperature didn't hold back Lucknowites from partying hard on the 31st night. The crowds were quite enthusiastic to start the new decade which clearly kept the night warm and we hope the cold spell doesn't last too long, keeping the folks on the streets in mind.

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