With dazzling deals and offers,
LuLu Hypermarket is a one-stop destination for all Ramadan shopping!

With dazzling deals and offers, LuLu Hypermarket is a one-stop destination for all Ramadan shopping!

LuLu Hypermarket, the mega shopping hub of Lucknow has it all sorted to make this blessed month even more special for you.
  • With superb discounts and an extensive array of Ramadan essentials, LuLu Hypermarket is now hosting Ramadan Souq (Market)!

  • Hosting an Iftar party? LuLu's Iftar combo meals are perfect for enjoying a diverse range of dishes affordably and hassle-free, available only for bulk orders.

  • Totaling several grocery products and essentials during the month of Ramadan, LuLu's Ramadan Gift Box is the perfect option, whether for donations or for day-to-day needs.

Ramadan is a time of spirituality, reflection, piousness and joy. With the holy occasion being just around the corner, LuLu Hypermarket, the mega shopping hub of Lucknow has sorted things out, making this blessed month even more special for you.

LuLu Hypermarket's carefully curated Ramadan Souq market, Iftar combos, and Ramadan gift boxes provide a comprehensive range of products to meet all your needs during the holy month. From essentials for fasting, to items that aid in acts of charity and day-to-day activities, LuLu Hypermarket has everything you require for a fulfilling Ramadan experience.

An array of deals and varieties available at LuLu's Ramadan Souq

LuLu Hypermarket's Ramadan Souq is a vibrant hub of activity, where you'll be enveloped in the festive atmosphere as soon as you step inside. The team has thoughtfully curated a selection of products that are tailored to your unique needs, including an extensive array of essential products for this occasion.

These include a large variety of dates, dry fruits & nuts, a great selection of fruit juice & squash varieties, Rooh Afza, grocery items, kitchenware, religious wall hangings and so much more, all available at phenomenal discounts.

This year, LuLu Hypermarket's Ramadan Souq, which is live now, ensures that you get the most out of this holy occasion while receiving unbeatable value for your money.

Enjoy hearty meals this Ramadan with LuLu's Iftar Combos

The pious occasion of Ramadan also celebrates togetherness, love and fostering a sense of community. During the holy month of Ramadan, the city of Lucknow comes alive with similar themes. Iftar parties are organized in every nook and corner of the town, bringing people together to break their fast and share meals.

If you're on the organizing end of an Iftar party, and looking for a range of delicious dishes? Look no further than LuLu Hypermarket, coz this year the place has arranged hearty Iftari meal combos, with nutritional food items including dates, nuts, fruits, biryani, pakoras and more.

Simply order from the two combo meal options, be it for your family or even Iftari parties and get ready to impress your guests with a wide variety of delectable dishes. LuLu's Iftar combo meals (only available for bulk orders) are perfect for those looking to enjoy a diverse array of dishes while keeping things affordable and hassle-free. The combo meals are priced at ₹125 for the Iftar Snack Combo and Rs 175 for the Iftar Meal Combo.

Make the most of festive gifting with LuLu's Ramadan Gift Box

In addition to fasting, Ramadan is also a time for charity and spreading blessings in the community. LuLu Hypermarket's Ramadan Gift Box offers convenience, but is also a means of fulfilling one's charitable obligations during the holy month.

Moreover, the Ramadan package includes a variety of essentials and grocery products including Dalda Mustard Kachchi Ghani Pouch (1L), Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta (5 kg), Fortune Fine Grain Sugar (1 kg), Hamdard Rooh Afza Sharbat (750ml) and Pansari Maida (500g), just to name a few.

With all the necessary items conveniently packed into one box, the package becomes an ideal, affordable and hassle free option for day-to-day needs!

Knock Knock

So, this Ramadan, make shopping for your essentials a hassle-free experience with LuLu Hypermarket's fabulous deals and offers. Visit LuLu Mall and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, and join the journey of celebration and discovery while honouring the spirit of Ramadan together.

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