With dynamic maps & info systems, Lucknow Metro assures safe trips for specially-abled commuters!

With dynamic maps & info systems, Lucknow Metro assures safe trips for specially-abled commuters!

Lucknow Metro is surely on its way to becoming the backbone of city's local travel system!

Providing ease of commute to the city residents, Lucknow metro takes care of all its passengers. Amongst a list of flagship measures by the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation that guarantee convenient rides to all travellers, the initiatives launched for specially-abled commuters are some of the most significant ones. With dynamic maps and passenger information display systems in all of its coaches, the metro trains are sufficiently equipped to serve all kinds of people!

Myriad facilities at Lucknow Metro make it your coolest travel companion!

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Dedicated lifts and specialised ramps at most stations of the Lucknow Metro make sure that all differently-abled citizens are able to avail the facilities of this rapid transit system. While one is on-board the metro trains, dynamic maps above gates and the public information display system provides all the necessary details related to the travel. In addition to this, an active customer care helpdesk is available at most of its complexes which ensures that all queries all sorted easily.

Additionally, the Metro stations also encapsulate different washrooms for differently able individuals. With these steps, Lucknow Metro promises safe and comfortable trips for passengers with different needs and requirements.

On its way to becoming the backbone of the local travel system in the city!

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Recently, Lucknow Metro marked the 2nd anniversary of its North-South Corridor on March 8 with a range of interesting events and activities. Being the fastest commissioned metro system in the world, the local transport network added another feather to its cap by achieving the quickest recovery in footfalls post the COVID lockdown. As per sources, the total ridership of the metro trains has exceeded the 3 crore number and is on its way to cracking bigger milestones. Given these accomplishments, the metro system is all set to become a part and parcel of the city's local travel network, benefitting a large count of individuals.

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