With over 31k subscribers, Lucknow's Singer-YouTuber Arjit Agarwal is hitting the right chords

Arjit Agarwal has left no ‘notes’ unturned to rise as a musical force to reckon with!

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

Truly, Lucknow has no dearth of talents no matter which stream it is! With the snowballing amount of platforms to prove our prowess, the city is a hotbed of skills.

Joining this venerable legion of artistes from the city, we have Arjit Agarwal. A home-grown talent who has garnered 32k subscribers on YouTube in the past 3-4 years and with over 2.3 million views in his record, he’s clearly hitting the right chords.

Not just another singer!

With over 31k subscribers, Lucknow's Singer-YouTuber Arjit Agarwal is hitting the right chords

A music graduate from the esteemed Bhatkhande Music Institute in Lucknow, Arjit draws most of his inspirations from Amit Trivedi and A.R. Rahman. His style resonates with fusion music and his dreamy voice proves that Indian Classical music is his jam.

Arjit has performed at Varanasi, Mumbai, Pune amidst other prominent cities and along with a blend of originals and covers, he has garnered a nationwide cult following. His subscribers and followers can actually vouch for that!

Holder of various titles and awards in his field, Arjit credits his mother for imbibing her musician-like qualities in him. “Maa is an amazing singer and I have picked up my skills from her. Watching and listening to her voicing the lyrics and tunes of a song, has always been a lesson.”

Adding layers to his confidence, Arjit was amidst the top 10 YouTubers selected for the YouTube NextUp event, back in August and he bagged the first place too!

This wunderkind has also collaborated with YouTube biggies like Antara Nandy and Siddharth Slathia in this short while, which further speaks volumes of his potential.

For the love of his God - Rahman!

With over 31k subscribers, Lucknow's Singer-YouTuber Arjit Agarwal is hitting the right chords

A Rahman fanatic, Arjit has been lending his twists to classic Rahman songs ever since he realised his zeal. If you’ve subscribed to his channel, you’ll know that he posts a Rahman song on every 6th of January, as an ode to A.R.R. on his birthday.

Arjit’s first-ever Rahman cover was Jiya Jale which was well-received by thousands all over the country and we could honestly, play it on loop repeatedly! These songs have again pushed him to the zeniths of fame and resulted in umpteen downloads.

Knock Knock

Arjit will be releasing his cover of Aap ki Nazron Ne Samjha in the first week of December, which will be followed by a premiere of his next original Woh Mili, in the first week of January.

With a state-of-the-art studio set-up in his residence, Arjit dedicates his entire time to his passion on a daily basis and the best part? He’s open to collaborations with other talents in the city as well.

So whether you want to perform a duet, discuss the nuances of music or learn the art in its most unfiltered guise, hands down Arijit is the guy for you! Just reach out to him via his social media handles and the rest will be history.

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