With pan Indian cuisines, Gravy Groovy in Lucknow is here to get you grooving!

With pan Indian cuisines, Gravy Groovy in Lucknow is here to get you grooving!

On popular demand, Gravy Groovy has now transformed from a delivery only outlet to a chic, modern restaurant!

With a sudden influx of many new cafes, bistros and restaurants in town, many of us tend to pull a blind eye towards authentic Indian cuisines. Now, in this day and age, it is more easy to find a joint that serves good World Cuisine than it is to find a reliable, taste focused joint revolving around pan-Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine has many facets to it, and it can be challenging to master all of them.

However, our latest discovery, Gravy Groovy, which has just cropped up in town is tempting all our senses! They've got cuisines from all over India, and have managed to master the nuances of each and every one of them. If you're looking out for a place in Lucknow that offers the peak of Indian cuisines, Gravy Groovy is where you've got to be.

Atmosphere at Gravy Groovy


Gravy Groovy is a café style Indian restaurant with an interesting, open, and airy vibe. It presents a unique blend of Indian rustic and modern architecture tropes, which make for an off-beat vibe. The entire concept is quite modern, and aims to connect the present, with the vibrant roots of authentic Indian cuisines from across the country. The joint has a café sort of an air about it, combined with touches of a fine dine restaurant, making for a truly one of a kind dining experience here in Lucknow.

The joint has a small garden on one side, adding to the allure of the place. There's even an outdoor seating area, which is perfect for soaking up the sun during the winter afternoons while munching on authentic Indian starters and kicking it back with your friends. The vibe of Gravy Groovy is indeed unique, but that's not all that's unique about them!

A spin on Indian cuisine

As far as the food is concerned, they have offerings from all over India- Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and lots more. You may be wondering just what the "spin" is, and don't worry- they don't mess around with the flavours or ingredients, keeping intact the essence of the dish. The spin here is in terms of presentation-- they've got a truly unique eye for the aesthetics, and manage to make even the most basic North Indian cuisine eye catching and different.

Since Indian cuisine is so vast and varied, their menu is expansive as can be, and there are many varieties to pick from in all the categories. To ensure the most real taste in each dish, they go the extra mile to gather authentic, indigenous materials which are used in making different dishes. Most of the raw materials are sourced from the place of origin for each dish.

The tale of Gravy Groovy


To some of you, the name Gravy Groovy might ring a bell- that's because till now, they were a cloud kitchen, offering their services via online food delivery platforms. They have some solid ratings, and thanks to their impeccable taste, they decided to open up a fine dine café which caters to true blue Indian food lovers. Gravy Groovy's outlet is the brainchild of two 2 MBA graduates who have come together thanks to their love for Indian food, and having a keen eye for authenticity.

Readers would be surprised to know that the entire outlet has been designed by the two of them, which gives it an extremely personal touch. Also, they've launched Gravy Groovy with cuisines from over 10 states in India, and plan to bring more authentic dishes from cuisines across the country.

Knock Knock 

Gravy Groovy is going all out in offering visitors the most authentic tastes of Indian cuisine. They're here to take Lucknow by storm, and bring back our love for real, tasteful dishes from across the nation.

Where: Shop A-2, Kisan Bazar, Gomti Nagar

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