Potholes are a cause of major concern for Lucknowites right now. With the onset of rains, it's once again that time of the year when the potholes cannot be ignored or dodged, like we normally tend to do. While driving on a road full of potholes is nothing new for Lucknowites but during monsoon this becomes a major reason for accidents.

Many roads in the city have been lying neglected for a long time now and rains will only deteriorate the condition further, if nothing is done sooner. The following picture shows a road in Indira Nagar and the lead/top image shows a main road of old Lucknow- Chowk.

We understand that authorities currently are more concerned about COVID-19 and are busy equipping hospitals with state of the art facilities but the maintenance of roads needs attention as well. The authorities should make sure that the roads are in proper condition to prevent any accident, because a hospital is the last place anyone would want to visit right now.

Potholes can become a big problem also because they can serve as breeding areas for mosquitoes and can risk the hygiene of the areas, leading to more chances of catching infections. Renovation of roads is of utmost importance, in order to ensure public safety. Jankipuram, Indiranagar, Chowk and many other areas in the city are facing this issue and the concerned authorities must look into it before the heavy downpour begins.

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