Women above the age of 60 to soon get free rides on UPSRTC buses

Women above the age of 60 to soon get free rides on UPSRTC buses

Funds will be earmarked in the forthcoming state assembly budget this month to compensate for the revenue loss.

Now, women above the age of 60 in Uttar Pradesh will be able to commute for free on the UP State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) buses.

The free travel facility is slated to begin during the state assembly budget later this February. Funds will be earmarked for the same in the budget with the revenue loss being compensated for by the State. Moreover, passenger details and related data has been made available to the authorities for smooth execution of the plans.

Estimation of funds & other nitty gritty

"We have provided all the information to the government, pointing out that the corporation will need more than Rs 800 crore as compensation during the forthcoming financial year if it is asked to not charge fare from elderly women," a UPSRTC official said.

As per a survey conducted by UPSRTC, an average of 3,73,800 women passengers (which makes up for 31% of total passengers) commuted via the buses. Of the number, some 88,438 of the women were above the age of 60 (7% of the total passengers). With the average ticket cost being Rs 85 per passenger, it makes up some 75 lakh.

"We have suggested the budgetary allocation on the basis of that survey only, which means the government needs to earmark around Rs 260 crore for the year," the official added.

The aforementioned facility was promised by the UP government in the 2022 election manifesto.

Women above the age of 60 to soon get free rides on UPSRTC buses
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