This Women's Day, M&H Bakery is offering free cupcakes & doughnuts to all ladies in Lucknow!

This Women's Day, M&H Bakery is offering free cupcakes & doughnuts to all ladies in Lucknow!

So ladies, get your hands on the free sweet treat at M&H Bakery tomorrow, as this offer is valid only for one day

Dear ladies of Lucknow, listen up! This International Women's Day is about to turn a whole lot sweeter for M&H Bakery is offering FREE doughnut/cupcake, as a sweet gesture to mark the occasion. Whipping happy festivities all through the day tomorrow, Milk & Honey will be running this exclusive offer for the ladies, all day long. And just like you and all those born with a sweet tooth, we can't wait for tomorrow to come as well!

An exclusive offer for women

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To be honest, this world means nothing without women. Their unending courage that co-exists in perfect harmony with amazing tenderness saves our world every day. To celebrate the epitome of strength and courage, M&H Bakery is offering this sweet cheer to all the women in town and we are all for it!

Continuing its age-old legacy, M&H Bakery has not only perfected the knack of creating and dictating our sweet cravings but also mastered the art of offering grand gestures to our surprise. Known for its delectable sweet treats, attractive grubs and good vibe, Milk & Honey in Lucknow is winning our hearts for more reasons than one!

Adding sparkles to the celebration!

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So, what are you waiting for? Head out to this premium dessert destination and celebrate yourself along with the power of womanhood by indulging in cupcakes and doughnuts and that too for free! Also, while you are at it, don't forget to check out the other sugary delights that are offered at M&H Bakery.

So ladies, while we know that we don't need a single day to celebrate ourselves, a free cupcake or doughnut donut hurt nobody! Just get ready to let loose on that sweet-tooth cravings at M&H by Madhurima, as you bet on the good times on 8th March 2022.


  • Madhurima Sweets Vibhuti Khand
  • Madhurima Sweets Patrakar Puram
  • Madhurima Sweets Raebareli Road

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