'Work from home' mandated for public & private offices in Lucknow & Kanpur amid 2nd COVID wave

'Work from home' mandated for public & private offices in Lucknow & Kanpur amid 2nd COVID wave

Only 50% of the total employee count shall be called to office every day while the others shall work form home.

Given the unprecedented spike in COVID cases witnessed in the past two weeks, all public and private offices in Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi and Prayagraj have been asked to follow 'work from home' guidelines. In accordance with the government orders, all offices shall function with the physical presence of only 50% of the employee base. Following the roster format, other 50% of the staff will work from home each day, informed the Additional Chief Secretary, Amit Mohan Prasad.

Restricting physical attendance of employees, the need of the hour!

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It was around this time of the year in 2020 that our lives came to a halt. Enveloped amid uncertainty, the accelerated spread of the virus has made its way to different parts of the country again and the state capital, Lucknow is one of the most affected regions this time. Keeping this in view, the 'work from home' directive issued by the government attempts to make sure an uncontrolled spread of the virus stands prevented.

A mathematical study by scientists of IIT Kanpur considered the opening of employment spaces in full capacity, as one of the many reasons for accentuated virus spread. Thereby, restricting employees' physical attendance and making provisions for 'work from home' becomes the need of the hour. Under this, all workspaces shall follow a rotational system, welcoming only 50% of the total employee count every day till the situation is brought under control.

Amplifying COVID infection rates in Lucknow and Kanpur!

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With 2,369 new infections on Thursday, Lucknow recorded an all-time high count of COVID cases, pushing the tally of active cases to 10,749. Similarly, Kanpur registered the highest infection count for 2021, standing at 368 on Thursday while the active cases ticked up to 1,975. Given the revived COVID scare, citizens need to be double sure of all their activities besides assuring strict compliance to all guidelines and protocols laid by the government.

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