World Sparrow Day: You're summoned to join in these events around Lucknow for raising awareness!

World Sparrow Day: You're summoned to join in these events around Lucknow for raising awareness!

This March 20, visit the sparrow exhibition at Lucknow Zoo.

We've all grown up watching lil sparrows chirping around all our childhood, the sweet fluffy birdies fleeting around buildings and houses, and, thus, resulting in the birds becoming a big part of our childhood. However, each of us must have noticed the fading of sparrows as we aged. This is because the number of sparrows only kept deteriorating and are, today, on the verge of extinction.

It is through joining of forces towards the conservation of the diminishing species that we observe World Sparrow Day, annually on March 20, and aim at creating and spreading awareness.

For the same, a week-long campaign has been launched throughout Lucknow. Herein, certain events will be organised in order to raise awareness around the house sparrows.

Save sparrows!

The event, organised by the Uttar Pradesh State Biodiversity Board, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden, Lucknow Development Authority, a private book depot, and the Zoology department of Lucknow University, was flagged off on Thursday at a Hazratganj book depot. "

"Today, by inaugurating the sparrow week under the World Sparrow Day campaign, making people aware about the conservation and promotion of sparrows," tweeted Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak about the campaign.

In one of the activities, the city's eminent Lucknow University has rolled out a challenge to the citizens. This Sunday, count sparrows in your vicinity and mail it to Lucknow University’s zoology department.

The sparrow, currently, is on the Red List of International Union for Conservation of Nature's endangered species. Thus, in a bid to make people aware of the threatened species, sparrow photographs and a sparrow house were exhibited at the depot.

All the events happening 'round town

You're also urged to plant more trees, keep food and water outside for the birds, as encouraged at the event. A ‘save sparrow’ pledge was also signed here by volunteers in different places in Lucknow.

“Around 60 students, teachers and volunteers in different locations of the city will count sparrows from their terraces on ‘World Sparrow Day’ on March 20 from 6:30 am to 7 am. I appeal to all Lucknow residents to join the initiative and share data at,” Zoology faculty's Professor Amita Kanaujia said.

Besides numerous awareness campaigns happening all around the city, a sparrow exhibition will also be inaugurated by zoo director VK Mishra on the day. Moreover, a poster competition will be organised at the Lucknow Zoo’s White Baradari, on the hovering subject of ‘Design and draw a house for your little sparrow’.

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