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Worn out wall of Lucknow University's Lal Baradari collapses amid neglect & abandon!

Students & alumni of the univerity express anger over the unfortunate incident.

Affected by negligence and laxity, a battered wall of Lucknow University's splendid Lal Baradari crumbled on Sunday, sounding alarms about the dire state of some historical buildings in the city. While the enclosure had developed splits and fissures in the past two years, it did not receive the required attention despite multiple reports pointing at the gravity of the situation. Lost to the ravages of time, the wall would find a place only in the memories now.

Students & alumni express anger over the unfortunate incident

After the incident, the snapshots of the collapsed wall were shared on social media circles, drawing great flak from the students and alumni of the university. Reportedly, a few students questioned the huge some spent on the centennial celebrations when a fraction of it could have been beneficial towards saving the wall. It is noteworthy that a series of events and functions were marked in 2020 as the varsity commemorated its centenary.

Reportedly, the varsity administration was waiting for the Archaeological Survey of India to undertake projects for the conservation of the wall. In the past, students repetitively urged the officials to take cognisance of the situation and implement the needed plans themselves but the lack of action has led to this worrisome event.

Urgent need for strict & vigilant watch over historical monuments

A hub of Nawabi art and architecture, Lucknow encapsulates a string of exquisite buildings and monumental marvels. Given their age and history, it is pertinent to acknowledge that many of these require regular care and maintenance. While the central regulatory will take measures in due course time, local-level action can aid in preventing unforeseen circumstances. Only when timely interventions are worked out to preserve the city's iconic heritage, that a perfect amalgamation of the past and the present is possible.

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